Miller Grove High School is one of the many public high schools in DeKalb County. It was founded in 1984 and was renovated in 2005. The school is undergoing another renovation now to better serve its students and teachers, providing them with a more modern environment. In 2008, the school refused to implement a new standardized testing program that was going to be adopted across the state of Georgia. The tests were already given to the students by their teachers and were allowing them to be able to grade the tests. The school believes that doing so will make a student more aware of how to study; not only that, it would also give the teachers a standard to work with.

The school was named for John B. Gordon, a former Georgia governor who made a major contribution to the University of Georgia. Gordon was also the governor of Georgia when the university in Athens was built. The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, a regional accreditation association. There are 1,594 students attending this school. The student to faculty ratio is 11:1.The PTA participates in Teacher of the Year as well as Students of the Year programs that allow students to be recognized for their academic and extra-curricular talents. The PTA also serves on various committees that are responsible for keeping a close eye on all aspects of the school and its activities, including those related to safety.

Edwards Elementary School is located at 1300 North Elm Street. The school is accessible by car and by public transportation. For information on this school, contact the school at (502) 734-5800.

Miller Grove High School has a mission

Miller Grove High School is a small high school in the Ozark Mountains of North Carolina. It is almost completely surrounded by private property and the only way in or out of the school is through a single main road in. They have a mission to provide a unique, one-of-a-kind education to their students and community. They use a variety of techniques to achieve their mission, including one-on-one teaching, simulations, and laboratories. This is possible because they do not have a main building where classes are held. They use the school’s open-concept classrooms and labs to provide their students with the best possible education. This is a great school because it is one of the few in North Carolina that still uses the traditional “classroom model” where the whole class is placed in one room with a teacher. For more information on this school, please visit http://www.taylorschoold

The school was founded in 1973

Miller Grove High School is the only high school in the city of Miller Grove, Georgia. It’s located on just over 170 acres that surround the city. The school has grown to include grades 9-12 and has a total enrollment of approximately 1100 students. Students can also take classes at neighboring colleges and universities through their partnership with nearby Gordon College. Miller Grove High School’s sports teams are known as the Conquerors, and they compete in the SEAC South Athletic Conference. Their colors are red, white and blue. Miller Grove High School’s competition cheer is “We’re the Reds.” There are approximately 20 sports teams. Miller Grove also has a large performing arts program. Students can participate in at least five extracurricular activities such as the art, music, drama and journalism departments .

The Miller Grove High School Athletic Department is currently under the direction of Harold H. Green, who took over as the Athletic Director in May 2009. Miller Grove High School has an extensive history of athletic success, including the 2011 State Championship (football) in football and the 2009 State Championship in girls’ basketball. Miller Grove also has had multiple state championships in baseball.

The Miller Grove High School school newspaper, “The Lancer”, is published in the fall and spring semesters.

Miller Grove High School offers a variety of clubs and activities for students to participate in. These clubs include:

The Miller Grove High School Marching Band continued to grow during the 2008-2009 school year. The band, which was started in the 2004-2005 school year, has grown to over 150 members. The band has performed at many sports and collegiate festivals, as well as placing 9th at the 2010 World of Drums Festival in Atlanta. In January 2010, the band traveled to Washington D.C, where they performed at the inauguration of President Barack Obama.The Miller Grove High School student newspaper, “The Lancer”, is published in the fall and spring semesters . A new edition of the Lancer is produced every two weeks after the first week of school.

Miller Grove High School is also a member

The school is in transition from a high school to a middle and high school with the help of the

The Miller Grove High School is in transition from a high school to a middle and high school with the help of the \”Hilltop Academy\” program, which provides students with opportunities to be engaged in their education.

School clubs and organizations

Miller Grove High School has many clubs and organizations that students love. From the Bluefish Marching Band, to the Student Government Association, there is a club for every interest.

Activities for students

Miller Grove High School is a public high school in Miller Grove, Georgia. This blog is updated daily with all the news of what is happening at Miller Grove High School. Abby’s Class Blog

Offering college courses for high schoolers

The Miller Grove High School offers college courses for high schoolers. Students can take general education classes as well as electives offered by the University of North Georgia, which is a partner school. Students gain credits toward their associate degrees at both institutions, and they can choose to attend either campus or online.


Miller Grove High School is a very old and well known school, but it is in need of renovations. The school has outdated energy systems and many other areas that are in desperate need of improvements. Miller Grove would greatly benefit from a renovation; however, they don’t have the money to do so. I want all students at Miller Grove to be able to attend their classes without these struggles.