In the manga and anime Naruto, a giant chakra-absorbing creature named Pain shows up to threaten the ninja’s village, the hidden leaf. Minato, the Fourth Hokage and Naruto’s father, is forced to fight him in order to save his son. He holds back on punches so that he doesn’t kill him. Then when they are reunited during their final clash and Minato tries to hug Naruto while they’re standing side by side, Naruto reacts by punching him in the gut.

What is the Pain Fight?

In just five minutes, Naruto’s pain had lessened greatly due to Minato’s technique. However, when Minato asked Naruto why he punched him, Naruto replied that he did it because Minato was a hypocrite. In the real world, most people would understand and let the matter drop. But in Naruto’s world, his father is one of the most powerful shinobi yet he chose to be like him which meant that he never learned what true strength is. To teach him about true strength and having to earn everything that you have by fighting opponent after opponent without asking for help from anyone else, Naruto punched his father in the face with every ounce of strength in his body.

Why did Naruto punch Minato?

Naruto didn’t like the many things Minato did and believed it was his destiny to be Hokage. He constantly pushed against him and refused to see anything he did as good. Even when Minato invited him over for dinner, Naruto refused to show up until he had completed a Rasengan. When Minato made fun of Naruto’s broken Rasengan by saying that “only an amateur would attack someone with their fists,” Naruto snapped, punched him in the face, and told him never to underestimate a ninja again.

What is the relationship between Kishimoto and Naruto’s creator, Masashi Kishimoto himself?

The relationship between Kishimoto and Naruto’s creator, Masashi Kishimoto himself starts with the impending publication of the manga. Kishimoto had originally planned to publish the manga under a different title and it was only after his editor told him that his name was unlikely to sell that he agreed to change it. It was originally titled. The series started out in Weekly Shonen Jump with the name, however, it wasn’t until after a few chapters had been published that the name was changed to. At this point, but Masashi Kishimoto didn’t negotiate. It wasn’t until almost a year had gone by that he was even asked to change the name, a fact which displeased him.

The two were very close and Kishimoto stated that if it hadn’t been for Takeuchi’s support he wouldn’t have continued working on. Kishimoto said that he was a huge fan of the. He also felt that she was a wonderful editor and husband to Daisuke; however he was unable to keep up with her pace of work and would have been unable to continue working on the series. Because it was such a success and Takeuchi’s schedule for the series was so hectic, Kishimoto became frustrated with how slow things were going .He would often get into an argument with her because of this. Kishimoto stated that he wanted to be able to work on the series like Takeuchi and Daisuke did. Kishimoto stated that:

The chapter titles were created by Kishimoto with the series’ editor Ryōji Kimura, who selected the name for each chapter after the chapter had been drawn. While the chapters were being created, Kishimoto and Takeuchi discussed the character’s personalities, their motivations for joining the team, and how they were feeling about their missions. Kishimoto created all the characters’ conceptual designs. Kishimoto had a lot of trouble with the chapter’s ending, which included the character Sasaki’s death. He felt he did not have a good way to end the chapter until Takeuchi gave him ideas, which included using Sasaki’s “First Kiss” scene with Benio as a transition to her time in the future.

Kishimoto also felt that his ending was too questionable, so he decided to draw a conclusion. He felt he had to make Benio happy, and also wanted to bring in the character of Naruto Uzumaki. Kish imoto drew the scene of Benio with Naruto at her side, and felt this was a good ending for their relationship. Kishimoto considered Benio as a “fallen angel” who had to make up for what she did, and that she could not be purified by the fox’s chakra . He said that his original idea was to make her Naruto’s wife, but he decided against it after seeing how much the character was loved by many fans.

The Importance of Pain in Anime

Pain is a very important factor in many anime. In fact, it sometimes has the power to make people change their course of behavior or even transform them into different characters entirely. In Naruto, Pain is a character that causes much pain in his opponents before he finally kills them and then moves on without any remorse for what he’s done. One of the most notorious instances of this is when he killed his mother by breaking her neck causing pain beyond belief.


The conclusion is that Naruto’s character development is far more complex than the watchers give him credit for. I would like to think of Naruto as a character with an internal battle constantly going on between good and evil that has never been resolved. Though he has a difficult time in life, he still tries to do what’s right and fights to protect those that can’t protect themselves.