“Pieck to Zeke” is a short story written by the author of “Fallout: New Vegas”. It follows a night in the life of Pieck, one of the Warriors brought by Zeke Jaeger to engage the Scout Regiment. Pieck is approached by Zeke Jaeger, who tells him that they are to be ambushed by the Legion. They are told their actions will have repercussions for the companions and their families, so they must kill every legionary.

Pieck is first seen watching for the Scout Regiment as a lookout

He is first seen watching the camp from a watchtower, which was probably built earlier. It’s here that he encounters Zeke and they decide to work together as lookouts. In the next chapter, “Lioness Pride”, he is first seen on guard duty. He has his uniform repaired by one of the camp followers , in this chapter. He is also seen patrolling the camp, and helping Zeke with cooking. In the next chapter, “The Slaves”, he is first seen working on the Communion wagon that is also meant to help provide food for the camp. He is last seen in “The Wind -Up Bird Chronicle”, where he is first seen fixing the Communion wagon. He does not speak at all throughout the book and is mentioned only once as being a friend of Zeke’s.

Blevins has long, dirty-blond hair, small eyes and a crooked nose. He appears to be in his late thirties and is of average height. He wears a long brownish-gray overcoat and dusty black boots . He had been a dishwasher at a restaurant in Los Angeles and his dream was to have a bicycle repair shop.Blevins died of pneumonia while in his late thirties. He was buried under a plain wooden cross with a faded picture of Jesus on the cross. Blevins’ grave is shown at the end of the book.

In the film, Blevins is heard reading a newspaper in his bedroom while looking at a picture of himself. Then he is heard waking up, putting his glasses on and saying, “Oh, my God…” before walking down the stairs. Later, he is seen with a bandage on his face. He had been hit by a car in front of the building where he lived. He was still alive, but with a severe injury on his face, and just enough to survive.

Pieck is one of three Warriors brought by Zeke Jaeger to engage the Scout Regiment in Shiganshina District in the year 850

Pieck was the first of the three Warriors to come from another world. Following his arrival, he was often away on patrol with the other members of their group. Pieck is a yellow-furred bipedal rabbit with a soft, white belly and three black stripes running down his back. His right arm is an advanced prosthetic that greatly enhances his speed, dexterity and strength

Pieck dies removing the beam that was blocking their path

Despite the beam being removed, the two were still stopped from advancing. Pieck initially figured out a tool to remove the beam and began to move it out of the way. However, before he could use it, Zeke was able to move a stone that was blocking their path. Some personal belongings of Pieck were found in his room when they returned after his death, but no other trace of him was ever found.

Pieck is shown briefly again when he watches over Eren and Historia.

Pieck had watched over the royal couple for many years, and it was only natural that he would be present in their minds when they give each other their wedding rings. Following the Great Titan War, Pieck is briefly shown in a tree as he watches over Eren and Historia. He then disappears from the scene, but is still present in Eren’s memory.