Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug lord and convicted murderer who was the leader of the Medellin and Cali drug cartels. He was notorious for his involvement in the illegal drug trade, and lived on the run from authorities until he was killed by police on December 2, 1993. These interesting facts about Pablo Escobar provide an insight into his life as a narco-terrorist.

Pablo Escobar

What is Pablo Escobar’s real name?

Pablo Escobar is the boss of this criminal organization. His real name is actually Pedro Escobar León. He was born on November 1, 1949 and died in 1993 as a result of gunshot wounds by Colombian National Police. Pablo Escobar’s family name was originally spelled with an “o” at the end, but he changed it to “Escobar.”

Who was Pablo Escobar responsible for?

Pablo Escobar is the most notorious drug lord in history. His criminal career began when he was just 18 years old, and he is responsible for thousands of deaths as a result of his involvement with the Medellín Cartel. He was also responsible for providing employment for many people in Colombia and around the world.

Pablo Escobar’s death and what happened afterwards

Pablo Escobar was the on of the most notorious and powerful drug lords in history. He was also known as Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. He started a career as a criminal in the 1950s and by 1970, he rose to power by becoming the head of Colombia’s Medellín Cartel. This cartel had given him control over 80% of cocaine exports from South America at its peak. On Dec 2, 1993, he was arrested by Colombian National Police after trying to flee Colombia with his bodyguards. A year later, he died while in police custody due to heart failure.

How did Pablo Escobar die?

Pablo Escobar was the head of Colombia’s infamous Medellin drug cartel, who controlled the cocaine trade. On December 2nd 1993, he was shot and killed by Colombian National Police Officers during a raid at his ranch called Hacienda Napoles in Granada, Colombia.

Cocaine consumption in Colombia since 1985

Both Colombian drug cartels and the Colombian government have been accused of benefiting from cocaine’s success. The Colombian drug lords made a fortune from the US demand for cocaine, while the Colombian government gained power and financial stability.

What other jobs did Pablo do?

Pablo Escobar began his criminal career as a teenager. He first started stealing cars and made a small fortune reselling them. It wasn’t long before he was selling drugs as well. By the time he was 21, he had already been arrested four times for dealing drugs. It wasn’t until later in his life that Pablo Escobar began to deal in cocaine, which would make him very rich and eventually lead to his death through the hands of Colombian police officers.


Pablo Escobar, who was known as The King of Cocaine and a drug lord, died in 1993. He was killed in a confrontation with the Colombian National Police. The location is Colombia’s National Park, a place where many tourists visit every day.