Eren Jaeger is an anime character that has appeared in the popular anime series ‘Attack on Titan’. Eren has gone through many phases throughout the series and he’s matured quite a bit, but his personality remained the same. Eren is a person, just like everyone else, and he has flaws. And the biggest flaw with Eren is his lack of self-control. He has a temper and he isn’t afraid to show it. However, he isn’t one of those characters that are constantly angry and frustrated. He gets pissed off, but he also knows how to keep his cool. E ren doesn’t want to be a person that’s always mad, but some situations just make him mad. The same goes for his little sister, Mik asa. Mikasa has a much more controlled personality than Eren does, but she isn’t afraid to get angry and kick some ass.

What can we learn from Eren?

Eren Jaeger is a monster, but he’s also just a normal adolescent. He feels afraid and angry by the unfairness of his own fate. He feels strong and afraid that he may be unable to protect those who are close to him. He’s insecure, hates himself sometimes, and worries about what everyone thinks of him. He’s a monster, but he’s an adolescent at the same time. Welcome to Eren’s Adolescence: Discerning if you have the makings of a Titan Shifter. If you are underage, please leave now. This is humor for mature audiences…. Is he a girl?. No, Eren is male and longs for the day his voice will crack like the guy’s beside him.

Eren’s personality over the span of the series

Eren is a very ambitious and serious person. He is confident in himself and the things that he does. He also has a fiery temper which often gets him into trouble, but he has shown on many occasions to be able to calm down when need be, such as when his mother had been killed.

The importance of self reflection

Our society is obsessed with the idea of self-reflection. We are constantly clamoring for self-awareness in order to make ourselves better versions of ourselves. But is this obsession with self reflection actually doing us any good? I would argue that it is not. Taking a moment to evaluate your life choices and actions can be helpful but when this reflection becomes an obsession, it’s detrimental. Too much focus on the past prevents you from taking steps towards the future or living in reality.

How should teens use this?

Eren Jaeger is a character from the Attack on Titan anime series. As a teenager, he transforms into a titan and wreaks havoc on the city of Shiganshina District. The show’s protagonist, Eren, always wanted to be a solider just like his father. He dreamed of being strong enough to fight for humanity against the titans who have been terrorizing them for years. When he turns into a titan himself, he has both fulfilling that dream and becoming one of the monsters that terrorize humans. It’s easy to see how this show could confuse teens because Eren is both villain and hero to youth viewers.


Eren Jaeger is, for all intents and purposes, the adolescent American dream. He poses a major threat to the Titans because of his ability to transform into a Titan himself, but also because he’s more than just an average Jaeger. He comes armed with both intelligence and enough rage to carry out some pretty destructive feats. If that weren’t enough, he always has his friends at his back, which allows him to fight with the support of others while also drawing strength from their presence.