Class 1-A is feeling the pressure as they must pass the exam to keep their spot in U.A. They are faced with their own personal battles, and Yaoyorozu’s team must also face two schools at once. What happens when Todoroki is put against his old school? Will Class 1-A be able to pass? Chapter Titles: Chapter 1: Thrilling Entrance Exams!

Chapter 2: The Path that Everyone Sees

Chapter 3: Facing Each OtherChapter

4: The Secret to One’s StrengthChapter

5: The Two Faces of Class 1-AChapter

6: Midoriya vs. ShinsouChapter

7: “Even if you have to take it, don’t look.”Chapter

8: Differing PerspectivesChapter

9: The Two Faces of Class 1-A: Conclusion

Todoroki goes head to head with a student from Seijin High

Todoroki Katsuki was ready to fight the other person in a head-to-head matchup. It was a battle of two heroes from Hero school, Seijin High and Yuuei, but only one would be allowed to pass the exam to become a hero. The proctor stated that the match would be fair and square. They were both alliances of Yuuei, so they weren’t going to do anything too rough on this exam. He wanted them to uphold the honor of their school and show off what they could do.

Katsuki was disappointed since he wanted to prove himself in a serious fight, but he would take this opportunity to show off his Quirk as well. The proctor said that the two of them were to leap over the gigantic gate and clear it before their opponent. If both of them cleared it, they would have to do it once more. The student who did not clear it in the first place would automatically fail. Iida seemed very confident in his ability to clear it before Katsuki, so the boy was ready to see just what his friend could do.

As soon as the gate rose, Iida was off like a shot. The pompous quirkless student leapt far above the gate, his legs held out in front

Yaoyorozu and her team must battle Seiai Academy in order to win the exam: who will win?

Yaoyorozu and her team must battle Seiai Academy in order to win the exam: who will win?
This is a battle of academic might and it seems like Seiai may have the upper hand. Luckily, Yaoyorozu has an ace up her sleeve that nobody expected: Rikido Sato. The episode starts off with a few shots of Seiai Academy’s entrance exam in action. It appears to be an odd combination of the first years and the third years, totaling close to 20 students. Their exam is to create a new invention or product that can be used in everyday life.

Seiai’s first years are rather gutsy and one student, Sakurai Shizuku, appears to be taking charge. She also seems interested in Yaoyorozu, and more so, Momo. They have a history together! Back at Yaoyorozu ’s lab, the girls are hard at work on the new hero costume design. As we saw in the preview for this episode, Urar aka is making the chest area a little smaller, and she wants to use the same material that she used in her costume. This makes Yaoyor ozu and Hagakure question how she knows the material so well, but Urar just shakes it off.

Class 1-A hopes to pass the exam and become top students in their year. What tactics will they use?

Class 1-A wants to be top students in their year, but they are struggling to do so. They meet together to brainstorm different tactics for passing the exam. First, they will make sure they have enough time outside of studying for schoolwork. Second, they will ask teachers for exercises that might help them improve their grades. Third, they can set up a study group with friends or classmates to work together with each other on projects and assignments.
Lastly, Class 1-A will have a party once after the exams are over!


I am very happy that my students passed the exam. They have been studying for a month and I do not feel bad about how they did. The test is designed to have a 50% pass rate so it was expected that half of them would fail. I would say about half of my students failed the exam. I do not feel bad about that. They know what they need to work on. It was a good test. I hope they will show up for class on Monday night (the next time we meet). I hope they will do well. I hope they learn and improve.

Till next time, happy studying!