In an anime with a vast cast of characters, it’s easy to forget the importance of minor characters. One such character is Killua from Hunter X Hunter. In this post, we will explore his relationship with Gon before their major fight, and then examine how that fight influences the series moving forward. With that said, let’s get started!

The Beginning: Killua and Gon’s Friendship

Killua is a friend of Gon’s. They first meet at his house as schoolchildren when Gon comes to visit Killua’s brother, Illumi. He invites Gon to play and punches a wall, revealing that Killua’s family is rich. In the third episode of the original 1999 series and the first episode of the 2011 series, Killua is a child hunting for treasure in the woods. He finds some that looks mysterious and brings Gon to see it. It turns out to be an injured baby Chimera Ant called Neferpitou. When they kill it, Killua suggests that they tell the Hunter Association what happened, but Gon refuses to kill animals. The two of them decide to take the Chimera Ant home and name it Pitu. They look after it for several days until it leaves to join its comrades.

In the 2011 series, Killua is a year older than Gon. Unlike in the 1999 series , his father was not abusive, and he has no need to wear gloves because of it. He is still more serious than Gon, but this is mostly due to his rigorously strict training under his father and Illumi. Killua is a member of the Zoldyck family, a famous family of assassins in the world of Hunter × Hunter . He is very skilled at using his throwing knives, and uses his quick reflexes to avoid attacks . He is also skilled at hiding, as he has been training in the art of assassination since he was 3 years old. He can run fast and has a lot of endurance due to the fact that he is a trained assassin .

Killua is an extremely skilled fighter. He has trained his entire life to become an assassin, and has perfect aim with his throwing knives. Killua is also able to use the Nen ability called In , which allows him to Mimic the appearance and voice of other people.

Nen is a form of energy in the world of Hunter × Hunter , a form of energy that can be manipulated by humans. Nen is divided into three categories: Transmutation, Emission and Manipulation. In order to master Nen, one must learn a variety of hand gestures that can then be channeled into specific Nen abilities.

The Early Relationship Between Gon and Killua

When they first met, Killua was nine and Gon was five. Killua was not very happy to meet him and made fun of him for being so small compared to the other kids. Killua also was quick to correct him about his name, saying that it’s actually pronounced “Gon”. One day at the playground, they were playing together. Killua soon got bored and started to leave, but Gon ran after him and told him “I want to be friends!”

How the two met for the first time

The two were first introduced to one another in the Hunter Exam, where they were forced to fight each other by a sadistic examiner. Gon was deeply touched by Killua’s bravery and longed to be friends with him. Unbeknownst to Killua, Gon had discovered his identity as a member of the infamous Zoldyck family and has sworn to protect him from danger, even if it means risking his life.

How they develop a relationship

Gon and Killua develop a relationship that can be described as close friends or even brothers. The two boys fight together in the Hunter Exam, and Killua takes it upon himself to protect Gon when they enter the Heaven’s Arena. He even risks his life for him on several occasions. The two also display a mutual understanding of each other, such as when Gon asks to borrow money from Killua in order to pay for his Nen training with Bisky. They have a very strong bond built up over time, but Gon is the one who was always there for Killua in a hard time.

The reason behind their strong bond

Gon and Killua meet for the first time in a small village. Gon has been told that he is destined to be a Hunter, while Killua’s father is one of the most famous Hunters in the world. Gon is taken with all of his new discoveries, while Killua cannot understand why Gon is so excited about everything. Six months later they meet again when Gon and his family visit Killua’s home. The two become best friends and go on many adventures together.