Yiff Party was a website where anyone could upload videos of themselves to share with others and for download. The site has been shut down due to privacy and copyright issues and visitors are no longer able to access the site. Yiff is a misspelling of the onomatopoeia for an animal’s bark. In this context, it refers to a “breathy, yipping sound” used in dog sex stories.

What is Yiff Party?

Yiff Party was a popular furry-themed social group that used the app ‘Furries Only’ to send out invitations. These invites were often sent to unsuspecting users who would then be barraged with images of anthropomorphic animals in various sexual situations.

Why was it shut down?

The club was shut down by the authorities who said it violated city zoning laws. This may seem like a sketchy reason, but many clubs are shut down for violations of the law. The club also sold alcohol to minors which is against the law in most places. This was another reason it was shut down.

How long did it take to build? In only 2 years, it took $3 million to build this club. It was a huge success but was shut down in 2 years as we said before. What were some of its customers? The customers were the average middle-aged person, who lived in the area. The club itself was expensive and was more for the higher class people. What was the capacity of the club? The club could hold about 1500 people which was a lot for a spot that only has so much room to work with. What was the size of the club?

It was about 75,000 square feet in size. What were some of its unique features? The club had a lot of unique features. It was the only club at the time that had its own hotel. The hotel was called “The Hollywood Tower” and it was 16 stories high. The club also had its own gourmet restaurant called “Pavilion” there were many features like the washrooms that had a bathtub in them and the walls were made of mirrors. It was also the first club that had a full-time doctor on staff.

How to protect your privacy with websites such as these

The website has become infamous for its lewd content, including pornography and bestiality. It was shut down by the owners in response to pressure from authorities in Australia, who said the site was breaking national animal protection laws. If you want to protect your privacy when using these sites, one of the most crucial things you can do is to use a VPN service like ZenMate.

Alternatives to the service

Yiff party was a website that hosted furry porn. It got shut down because of various reasons, but some alternatives to the service include e621 and Fur Affinity.