The Kahoot app is a trivia game that can be played from your phone, tablet or computer. It’s a really fun way to test your knowledge of anything from popular culture to academic subjects. In this article, you’ll learn about Kahoot and how it operates. It’s a great way to have some friendly competition with your friends for points! What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a trivia game where the questions are provided by an administrator (such as a teacher), and each player’s answers are displayed on their screen. You can play using your phone, or as a browser-based game.Once you’ve downloaded the app and logged in, the game begins. You can choose to play with friends, or by yourself. You can choose different topics you want to learn, or play a random game. If you don’t have friends to play with, you can add “bots” of your own choosing to each game. The bots follow the same rules as a real player, and you can even edit their names and appearances. You can also choose whether or not you’d like to play the game in Japanese, or English.

How Kahoot Points are Scored

In Kahoot, you are awarded points for each correct answer as well as for getting the first answer out. There is no bonus for being the quickest to answer a question. This means that it’s much better to be slower and more accurate than it is to be fast but wrong.

Streaks and Increasing Your Score

Streaks are important because they make it easier to make your way to the top. Getting streaks will also help you increase your score, which is necessary for beating your friends or colleagues. At first you’ll be able to get a streak only if you answer 3 questions correctly in a row, but eventually this number will go up. When you’re playing Kahoot, try to answer as many questions correctly as possible and catch every chance to earn points with bonuses and streaks!

When to Use a Good Answer

You can often win games of Kahoot by guessing and searching for the right answer quickly. But you’ll usually get a much higher score if you use a good answer. A good answer is one that’s different from the other guesses, but still plausible. For example, if everyone else guessed “Louisiana,” your good answer could be “Mississippi.”

Getting the Easy Questions Correct

If you want to advance, then you need to get the easy questions right. This is because Kahoot will rank you based on your performance. In order to get all the easy questions correct, you have to memorize the answers, read them carefully, and do your best not to click on anything that isn’t a question.


If you follow the steps in this blog post, there is no way that you cannot get 100% on every game that you play.