A new article on Star News about the popularity of celebrities and how many stars have chosen to change their names in order to stand out. First, it discusses the case of Lee Minho who is now named Lee Know. The article then goes into detail as to why this is a good idea for these celebs, and gives information on other celebs who have made similar changes in order to name themselves something more unique. undefined Your Chocolatury – Celebrating the Year of Chocolate with a Chocolate-themed blog post on Yahoo! Japan. undefined

G ossip site Ok! Japan has published a piece on their site that takes a look at the popularity of female idols, and gives some insight into why it ’s so important for these singers to look and act like they’re 16 years old. undefined

The article first talks about how important it is for idols to be cute, which makes sense if you consider that is what the public ’s main focus is when it comes to idols. undefinedAs a result, many of the leading female idols have had to go through plastic surgery as well as improving their dancing skills in order to keep up with the competition. undefinedThe article goes on to talk about how these idols look like they’re 16 years old, and that this is especially true for idols from other countries that take a lot of time to promote in Japan.

undefinedIt also talks about how Korean stars tend to have very short hair, and that for this reason, many of them have to go through plastic surgery. undefinedOne idol’s father said about his daughter’s look: “We would go to the hospital and she’d be in a really bad mood because they took off all her eyebrows.” undefinedAnother idol said: “I was in a group, but then I shaved all my hair off and wore glasses . Now I look more like a girl, even though I’m still young.” undefinedHis manager talked about how: “Even though he also does some work in Japan, he keeps his hair short. I thought it would be good if he cut it all off, but we consulted someone and he said that he can’t because his hair would lose its shape.”

undefinedThe one boy who has been working in Japan recently talked about: “I’ve never been interviewed for a magazine. When I returned from an overseas trip, I found that people were asking me about my hair. I had to explain that I have long hair.” undefinedThe girl who cut her hair talked about: “It’s better to have short hair in Japan. When I used to go out, I thought it would be fun to cut my hair short.” undefinedThe one boy who has been working in Japan recently said: “After I got my hair cut, I was asked what I wanted to say. I said: ‘I am just getting my hair cut’ and they replied with: ‘You are still

When is it okay to change your name for a better one?

Changing your name is not a small decision. You’ll have to put everything you own in storage, even if it’s only for a few days and you have to completely start over with all of your personal information. Of course, if you feel like the new name is more fitting for who you are and what you stand for, changing your name might just be worth it. How much does it cost to change your name?. There are several factors that have to be considered when you’re thinking about changing your name . It costs money to change your name in many countries, and there are different costs attached to changing your name in each of them. You’ll have to pay for an application if you’re planning to change your name officially, and you’ll have to pay a fee to notify local registrars if you’re changing a name that’s already been recorded. If you use your real name, you’ll likely get a cheaper price for the process.

What are some difficulties in changing names?

So many people change their names these days. It’s not even an uncommon thing for a celebrity to change their name, but what about the average person? We all know that life can be difficult and when it comes to changing our names, it can be equally as challenging. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of changing their name either; some fear they may lose people they love or they don’t have the funds to afford such a drastic measure.

How do you choose a new name?

You might want to choose a new name even if you don’t know what your current name sounds like. If you do not have a way to make your dream name sound similar to your old one, try this strategy: pick out 10 random words that sound cool and think of them as names. Then, imagine how they look when written together – if the words still look cool together, then the name is probably a good one!

How does Lee Know plan on continuing his career outside of the industry and what will he be doing from now on?

Lee Know has been in the entertainment industry for years. He is not only one of the best dancers out there, but also a great artist. After receiving criticism for his dance and acting skills, Lee Know began to try other things. He has since started teaching dance outside of Korea, as well as writing music and producing films. Now he plans on furthering his career by doing different things that will get him noticed outside of the industry.


Lee Minho, o Lee Know, ha tomado uno de los nombres más audaces de toda la historia del cine. Las personas que se han enterado de este nuevo nombre han tenido muchas dudas sobre su significado y no sabían si él realmente tenía algo serio con él. Afortunadamente, Lee Minho nos da la explicación: “Es como mi nombre de guerra ”.

Lee Minho era muy consciente de que estaba tomando un nombre de guerra, y aunque dice que “No es un nombre para cualquier persona”, también aclaró que la persona que tomó este nombre no era nadie en particular.El publicista de Lee Minho, Yoo Byung jun, te cuenta que Lee Minho “está muy seguro de esta decisión”. Además , en el programa de Kim Sunggyoo, Lee Minho dijo que suena muy bien, y que no le importa el significado del nombre.