Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes warmer weather, trips to the pool, and of course swimming. The one-piece of clothing that you will almost always see people wearing at the beach or pool is a swimsuit. This article looks at how your body shape can help you choose the perfect swimwear for your needs. You may have heard that everyone has a different body shape, but that doesn’t mean there are not some general rules for swimwear .

What is a “Shape”?

Bodies are made up of three main parts: The bottom, the middle, and the top. The bottom is your hips, derriere, or butt. The middle is any part of your body between the bottom and the chest. The top is any part of your body between your chest and hairline. (Image credit: Business Insider) So, you have a shape . What’s your shape? There are over 400 “shapes,” including hourglass, pear, triangle, and inverted triangle . Every shape has a different list of measurements, but there are some key points that you should consider: If your hips are wider than your waist, you have an hourglass shape

If your waist is wider than your hips, you have a pear shape

If your waist is the same width as your hips, you have a diamond shapeIf your waist is narrower than your hips, you have an inverted triangle shapeMany people have a combination of these shapes, which can be confusing because they don’t look anything like their measurements. Here is an example of a diamond shape and a pear shape:I have a pear shape and my measurements are 38-20-36.5, but I have wider hips than waist.

What is a swimsuit?

Swimwear is a type of clothing designed to be worn in or in water. Swimsuits cover the body, usually from the waist down, and are generally made out of a mesh of woven material that resists tangling. The swimsuit typically includes a bra, briefs, or bikinis.

Why do you need to buy a swimsuit?

Many people try to save money by purchasing generic swimsuits for their whole family. Buying a single-piece swimsuit is also a cost-saving move, but you may want to think about investing in a two-piece suit. The two-piece suits are often more comfortable and offer more support than one-pieces, so they are worth the investment. They may also be less likely to show off any bulges or lines that you would rather hide beneath the water.

How to choose the right swimsuit

When choosing the right swimsuit for your body shape, there are a few things you can do to help determine which style will work best. For example, if you have a larger bust, opt for suits with an upper cup so the top of your breast is hidden. If you have wider hips and thighs, then going with a triangle-shaped suit will be most flattering.

Types of Swimsuits

There is a variety of swimsuits that fit various body shapes. There are many things to consider when finding the best suit for your shape and size, including comfort, style and color.

Body Shapes

There are a variety of different body shapes that you should be aware of when trying to find the best swimwear for your figure. If you have a long torso, then it is best to get a one-piece that covers your lower half. Women with shorter torsos can choose from more options but still have a short and above-the-knee swimsuit. For women with wider hips, an oversize bikini will work well. The great thing about these swimsuits is that they can accommodate many different styles and colors so you don’t need to worry about matching your outfit and bathing suit at the same time

What Should I Wear at the Beach?

There are many different swimsuits to help you achieve the perfect beach look by supporting your personal shape and style. With these, you can be confident that you will not only feel sexy and beautiful, but also comfortable.

How Should I Wear my Bikinis and Swimwear?

The best bikini for your body shape is not the same size as any other. Women with a smaller waist and bigger hips will need to find a bikini that provides more coverage. Women with a big waist and small hips will want to find a top that provides only minimal coverage.

Rules for Wearing Swimsuits in Public

There are a few rules to follow when wearing a swimsuit in public. If you want to wear one without the fear of being judged, follow these four rules:

  • Choose a swimsuit that is appropriate for your body type.
  • Make sure it fits properly.
  • Avoid revealing too much skin and stay away from bikinis or two pieces.
  • A good rule of thumb is to make sure no more than 25% of your stomach is showing.


The best swimwear for your body shape is a difficult question to answer because no one looks the same when they get in the pool. However, certain types of swimwear will help you look and feel better than others. The most important factors in finding the best swimwear are weight, width, fabric, style, and coverage.