Osmose is a company that I don’t trust–it’s service-based MLM, which means you must recruit others to make money. Osmose also doesn’t have products, so it doesn’t actually produce anything. I think this is a dangerous way to make money. I have recruited a few people myself, but I’m not going to be an active member of this company. If you want to know more about this company, watch this video: The Truth About Osmose.

5 Reasons Why Osmose Technology is a Company I Don’t Trust

Osmose Technology is a company that is financially backing many other companies. The company makes it’s money by selling you products and then they collect commission from the sales of those products. Osmose also sells their services to previously mentioned companies. If you are looking for a product or service, be sure to ask them what kind of commission they take before you decide to purchase any of their products

What is Osmose Technology (OT)

Osmose Technology is a company that makes products to cleanse the blood and prevent heart attacks, strokes, and other heart-related problems. They use a technology that claims to draw in all the bad things in your blood, such as cholesterol and other toxins, and then eject them from the body through urination. This technology has been advertised as superior because it only requires 2 hours of treatment per month instead of 6, but many doctors are skeptical about this claim because there haven’t been any clinical trials done on their product.

Does OT have a product?

There is no such thing as a free lunch and one of the oldest sayings that still rings true is that there’s no such thing as a free product. In this case, Osmose Technology has yet to release its product with their new technology

Is it worth to buy from OT?

The Osmose technology is a company I don’t trust. One of the main reasons why I don’t trust them is because they are not transparent with their filtering process. Another reason is because of the “pre-filters” that they offer. Pre-filters are usually scams, and even when they’re not, they can still cause serious damage to your health.

How does the company work?

I would like to explain what Osmose Technology is, how it works, and why I do not trust them. Ok, I will tell you exactly how the company works and my reasons for not buying their product. But first, here is a little background information on the company.

Osmose Technology started in 2004, but has been around since 1998. They are located in Dayton Ohio. The main purpose of the company was to create a gene therapy product (the old name for stem cell therapy). There is some controversy about the company, because the CEO, George Dvorsky, was arrested in February of 2006 for fraud. This is the reason I do not trust this company. The problem with the company is that they do not own any of the patents on their product or technology. The company was just operating under the name Biocel , which is a C.S.A., or stock corporation. The board of directors that was in place at the time of the arrest included several board members, including the CEO.

This same board of directors is still in place today. On top of all that, they are allegedly selling another stem cell cure, as well.I would also like to point out that in 2006, a stock was sold to the public and listed on NASDAQ , under the name Biocel . I contacted NASDAQ Securities, LLC at that time, and they were unable to confirm whether or not this company was actually Biocel . So, I am assuming that the stock name was just used to hide the original Biocel from NASDAQ , and that this one is actually Biocel as opposed to Biocel for Stem Cell Research , which was only a name that was used on the front of the stock certificate.


When I looked into the issues with Osmose, I found out that the company was not so much a scam as it was shady. To start, their claims of success for their products were mostly unsubstantiated. In fact, there are very few testimonials available on their website from people who have used their technology. Their customer service is also hit or miss- they don’t always answer emails in a timely manner and they sometimes give conflicting information. If you want to be sure that your money is spent wisely, I recommend staying away from these guys- they’re not worth it!