“I’m Teresa Fidalgo and on the off chance that you don’t post this on 20 other photographs I will lay down with you forever,A young lady disregarded and her mother kicked the bucket 29 days after the fact. You can even pursuit me on google.”

This was written in numerous Websites, whatsapp, instagram and tiktok.

Without a doubt you can look through Teresa on Google, however her broad query items aren’t commensurate to her actual presence yet more an index of different disgorgings and reworkings of a story that starts with Portuguese maker David Rebordão’s viral video ‘A Curva’.Aping Blair Witch Project, the observed film short sees a vehicle of companions driving in the mountains when they get a drifter passing by the name Teresa Fidalgo.

Teresa Fidalgo was a young lady living in Portugal. In 1983, she took a vehicle in an expressway yet the vehicle later experienced a mishap. She kicked the bucket in light of this mishap. A few years after the fact, she was viewed as remaining in a similar spot where she passed on. A couple acknowledged her for catching a ride and they were having a discussion in the vehicle. From the beginning, Teresa Fidalgo 1983 gave off an impression of being quiet and they had a beautiful discussion.

Yet, soon, the essence of Teresa Fidalgo 1983 turned out to be bleeding and she shouted genuinely. Several was terrified and stunned and their vehicle conflicted. At the point when the police observed the conflicted vehicle, the vehicle was gravely harmed and the couple kicked the bucket. There was no indication of the presence of Teresa Fidalgo 1983 on the grounds that her body was not found there. Be that as it may, the police observed a video which recorded the discussion referenced previously. As such, the video was one of the confirmations showing the presence of the phantom of Teresa Fidalgo.

As per the police and the authority record, Teresa Fidalgo truly passed on in 1983 for a fender bender. In this manner, the Teresa Fidalgo 1983 story made many tales. Many individuals believe that it was a genuine article yet certain individuals imagined that the video was only a thriller and it was not something valid by any means.

Regardless, the video had made a ton of conversations between individuals. Many individuals said that the video was only a profoundly complex thriller.

Teresa Fidalgo 1983 Accident Survivor:

In any case, a few years after the fact, a ‘survivor’ came out and he was called David. He was insane so he was unable to tell everything obviously. Be that as it may, as per individuals who helped him, David was one of the survivors in the mishap who left the spot later the mishap happened. Hence, the police didn’t track down him at that point Yet, this was not something legitimate as indicated by certain individuals. They have tracked down that in the discussion between the couple and the apparition there ought to just be three individuals and David couldn’t be the forward. In spite of the fact that David asserted himself to be the cameraman at that video, certain individuals actually questioned whether that was something genuine.

Teresa Fidalgo 1983 was subsequently viewed as the white woman. It was halfway on the grounds that she wore the white dress when she was in the video. This in some way expanded the strange sensation of many individuals since this kind of white dress and repulsiveness circumstance coordinate with the conventional idea towards a blood and gore film. Consequently, certain individuals question whether this was only an interesting video made by someone.

To finish up, Teresa Fidalgo 1983 was engaged with one of the mishaps in that timeframe and she kicked the bucket thus. Afterward, she was accepted to be a phantom and tormented around.

My perspective:

By and by I dont imagine that this story is genuine in light of the fact that spirits has elctromegnatic field and we human has air. Solid air and energy shields the human body from electromegnatic field. Regularly spirits can torment just a single individual at a specific time whose air is powerless and mind isn’t solid or then again assuming the individual is profound and I dont accept that any soul can torment three or four people simultaneously.

Everyone has distinctive sort of quality and atmosphere is an insurance safeguard for each individual to get security from paranormal things. So I didn’t track down any otherworldly rationale behind this I accept that this sort of unsatisfied spirits are not phony however they cannot torment any gathering of people. Its unrealistic that in a gathering of people everybody has same powerless aura.They can torment just single individual. So dont put stock in such idiotic stories and dont spread the helpless young lady name as apparition. I dont realize she was accessible, all things considered, or not however assuming she was I implore god that may god favor her spirit and keep her rest into harmony.