The words “arkhia” and “kratein” are the Greek words for “house.” The word “arkhia” is used when someone lives in a city, while the word “kratein” is used when someone lives in a village outside of the city. In the Bible, there are many stories about Jacob and his 12 sons. One of these stories is in Genesis 37:12-17. It is about a dream that Joseph had. In this story, Jacob and his 11 sons are living in Egypt. They are living in the city of Rameses. This is where his son Joseph had come from, so they were called the “House of Rameses” or “arkhia Rameses.”

The word “house” is used to describe the people in this family . So in this situation, the word “house” is used for the “arkhia.” The usage of words like “house” and “place” are representational of the actual location. They are used to describe a physical place where an event took place. There is nothing esoteric about it..It is simply the way Joseph used the words to describe a place that he knew about .Joseph uses the word “ house” to describe a place that he knew about.

It is the same thing as saying “his house,” meaning his residence or the place where he lives. It is not a family line.The real issue is the word “he.” Who is the “ he” who sought for a place for his god? The answer is Jesus. He is the “he” in both verses. The second phrase in Amos 2:2 describes a location. It is the same as saying “his house.” Therefore, verse two does not refer to Jesus.It is the same as the following sentence: “John went to his house” or “Mrs. Smith went to her house.” This is not a family line. It is describing the location where the person lives.

The same thing applies to this verse in Amos.Jesus is the “he” in both verses. The first phrase describes a time period and the second phrase describes the location where he taught. This is not a family line. It refers to Jesus teaching in the Temple and the synagogues. He was neither God nor even the Son of God yet. History confirms that he was a “son of man” and not the Son of God until his resurrection (Romans 1:4 ).These verses don’t even imply that Jesus is God.

Prophecies about the coming of the Messiah are very specific and different from the verses in Isaiah. The coming of the Messiah will be a time of great peace and prosperity (Isaiah 2:2-4). The Messiah is referred to as a rod out of the stem of Jesse (Isaiah 11:1). This verse refers to Jesus as God. The Messiah is descended from David and is to be a descendant of Jesse. Jesus cannot be this Messiah because his genealogy does not trace back to David ( Matthew 1:1-20). The genealogy of Jesus does not trace back to David. It is well established that the genealogy for Jesus traced back to King David through Joseph ( Matthew 1:2-16). The Messiah receives the spirit from God and is called God’s son; Jesus received the spirit from God and is called God’s son. Jesus received the spirit from God and was called “God’s Son” (John 1:14 ). The Messiah is member of the house of David; Jesus is not a member of the house of David.

What is the Greek word “arkhia”?

The word “arkhia” means “health” in Greek. Arkhia is a company of natural products, cosmetics and supplements. The company was founded by two doctors who wanted to create a lifestyle brand that wasn’t just focused on medicines and diseases and instead embraces wellness and prevention.

What does it mean?

Arkhia and Kratein are two top-of-the-line health and wellness products. They both come in a variety of flavors and they both claim to be the most effective supplement on the market. What’s the difference?

  • How many syllables are there?
  • There are 6 syllables in Arkhia.
  • What is the difference between Arkhia and Kratein?
  • How does the word “kratein” compare to “arkhia”?

“Arkhia” is a licensed word that means “high-quality.” It’s a trademarked word created by a registered patent holder to ensure that their consumers are getting a high-quality product. Essentially, if you see the word “arkhia” on a label, you can trust that it will have been manufactured with care. The word “kratein,” however, is not so easy to define because it’s an informal term – one that has no specific meaning attached to it at all.

Is there an English equivalent for “kratein”

Whereas, kratein is a literal transliteration of the word. The “i” in kratein corresponds to the English letter “i,” while the “y” in arkhia corresponds to the letter “e.”


The Kratein supplement is more expensive than the Arkhia. The ingredients differ as well. One of the biggest differences between these supplements is that the Kratein supplement features a blend of vitamin A, C, and E. This only includes one antioxidant in the Arkhia supplement, and it is vitamin C. The Kratein features 4,000 IU of vitamin A , the amount for it to be marketed as a vitamin supplement, whereas the Arkhia only contains 1,500 IU.