The Walking Dead franchise is a huge phenomenon in pop culture and there are several TV series and comic books based on it. Read more to find out the answer to the question about cats in this world. The Walking Dead Comics’ creator and a writer of the TV series, Robert Kirkman, declared that the comic book has never had any cats in it.

The creator of The Walking Dead comics, Robert Kirkman, revealed that all the main characters are human, but there are a lot of animals in the world, like deer, raccoons and birds. However, Kirkman said that a cat was never mentioned in the comics, but he admitted that it is possible there might be a cat somewhere in the world, but no one knows about it.Read also: The Walking Dead: Comparing Comic Book to TV Show Kirkman says that he would love to add a cat into the comics, but he does not think he has enough time to do it. He said he would love to add a cat, but he also thinks he should concentrate more on the comic books first and maybe he will add a cat in the future.The Walking Dead: Comparing Comic Book to TV Show is currently on its sixth season, and it will return for the seventh season next year.

Why are there no cats in the Walking Dead comics nor TV series?

It’s unknown why there are no cats in the Walking Dead comics nor TV series. However, considering that cats were first introduced into the show about midway through season three, it could be because they wanted to focus on different aspects of the story line. The show is based off of a series of graphic novels, so it’s possible they wanted to keep things different.

Does the Walking Dead TV series take place in 2026?. No, the Walking Dead TV series does not take place in 2026. The TV series takes place in 2010 , according to the comics.

  1. The Walking Dead Season 8 will return in October 2018. You can watch season 8 on Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC. Will there be a Walking Dead season 8? The series has been renewed for the next year, so fans will get to see it return.

Why do you think this is?

There are many theories that could explain the lack of cats in the Walking Dead. One theory is that people have historically had bad luck with cats, so they tend to avoid them. Another theory is that it may be because of a cat being associated with witchcraft due to their mystical reputation. A more likely theory is that carnivores are more likely to attack humans, and so in a world where people are vulnerable to attack, they would want to avoid cats to avoid being attacked.

Whatever the reason, it is clear to me that we should not expect to see any more cats in the Walking Dead unless they are somehow tamed. I think it would be a nice touch if the character of Daryl Dixon, who is portrayed as being more sensitive than some of the other survivors and also has a bit of a mystical side, ends up taming one of these felines and having it become one of his companions. But I doubt it will happen, if only because I can’t envision a scenario in which the writers would want to bring back the cat. On the other hand, because the writers have been known to come up with some weird ass ideas that are not explained very well.

What does this say about the genre of the Walking Dead?

Because of its immense popularity and success, The Walking Dead has been merchandised in every way imaginable. This includes video games, board games, and even a tabletop role-playing game. One popular series of books is Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor”, which follows the events in the comics and show after the Governor arrives at the prison.
Paragraph: But this question remains: Why are there no cats?

Does it matter if cats exist in the Walking Dead world?

The Walking Dead is not a show about cats. It’s about humans. Some people say that it doesn’t matter if cats exist in the FTWD world, but others say that if they can’t see an animal they will spend less time caring about it. One reason there are no cats in The Walking Dead world is because it would make the story more difficult for zombies to attack humans, which would make the show much less interesting.